Gumroad – Modo for Concept Artists with Justin Wentz
English | Size: 2.0GB
Category: Tutorial

4 hrs 12 min TOTAL -- (All videos are HD streaming only, thank you so much for supporting us)

VIDEO 1 - 20:00 Learn the essential elements of Modo’s user-interface, configure preferences, and customize panels.

VIDEO 2 - 27:34 Learn the key underlying concepts behind Modo’s modeling workspace such as the item list, centers, action centers, and the work-plane.

VIDEO 3 - 28:18 Learn the basics of material and environment properties.

VIDEO 4 - 39:57 Learn how to add textures to materials and the basics of UV mapping.

VIDEO 5 - 40:11 Learn how to build a Daz Studio character and properly import it into a Modo scene.

VIDEO 6 - 11:05 Learn how to build a character with Adobe Fuse and properly import it into a Modo scene.

VIDEO 7 - 11:25 Learn how to utilize both the Google 3D Warehouse and Turbosquid as asset resources.

VIDEO 8 - 47:48 Learn what types of lights are available in Modo and how to use them, as well as some basic rendering techniques for an interior apartment scene.

VIDEO 9 - 30:27 Watch Justin build a simple interior scene utilizing assets from the Modo library, Daz, Fuse, Google, and Turbosquid.

+2 Modo custom menu config files for use with the tutorials.
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Gumroad - Drawing Vehicles like Scott Robertson - Part 1 - Building Forms
English | Size: 453.2MB
Category: Tutorial

This package covers form building, which you need to learn before you start drawing vehicles. Future packages will build on this material and will cover actual vehicle drawing both from reference, imagination, and life.

This is the most affordable and comprehensive guide to building vehicles like Scott Robertson. In this package you will receive over 2 hours of real time lecture format tutorials with high quality mic, face cam, and a guided notes sheet.
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Gumroad - Substance Masters Vol.3
Gumroad - Substance Masters Vol.3 | 9.94 GB
Genre: Tutorials

This set focuses on teaching and showing the creation process of 4 advanced substance designer materials, you can dig into the full and commented source SBS substance designer files or you can watch the creation process in the 39 hours of recorded video, 4 hours of those are voice commented. For those interested in presentation you can check out the Marmoset toolbag files that are included.
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Gumroad - Tree House - Painting Process walk through with Joon Ahn
English | Size: 258.5MB
Category: Tutorial

- Full resolution final jpeg.

- Full resolution PSD

- Step by step images with text

- Brush set

Personal piece done for fun. Experimenting a new style that started off from a pencil sketch to a full color painting.
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Gumroad - Julien Gauthier - Octane for Concept Art - Beginner
Gumroad - Julien Gauthier - Octane for Concept Art - Beginner
MP4 | 1916x1044 | 1h 34m | ENG | Project Files | 1.81 GB
Octane for Concept Art - Beginner - video tutorial by Julien Gauthier (Gumroad)
In these videos, I will introduce you to the basics of Octane render and how I use it for my concept arts.
Octane is a powerful and easy to use software that can improve your workflow. It can be used to create a simple scene for paint over or a photo-realistic render. It gives you a very fast feedback as it uses the GPU's power. It can also handles thousands of objects and displacements, allowing you to experiment and generate ideas very easily.

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Gumroad - Jonas Ronnegard - SPTool - Masked Alphas
English | Size: 142.1MB
Category: Tutorial

Have you ever used alphas to add detail to your substance painter projects? Did you notice that adding the details took 30 minutes, while masking them out and adding materials to them took days?

This substance painter tool lets you add custom masks to use together with any Alpha, so instead of having to mask out details for every stamp you make you can now create a mask once and use it infinite times.

Included is also 30 Alphas with masks, so you can try it out right away as well as use them in your projects.

- Add up to 4 ID masks in one mask texture file.
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Gumroad - Creating a Realistic Rock in CG - Tom Newbury
English | Size: 4.0GB
Category: Tutorial

This is an in depth tutorial of over 3 hours of content, where I show you my process of creating realistic rocks in CG, with tips and tricks that can be used in many areas of production to increase the quality of your work.

In this tutorial I go over subjects such as:
- discussing reference.
- sculpting the rock in zbrush.
- how to quickly apply realistic textures in mari.
- generating a realistic shader using both Arnold and Maya shading nodes.
- and adding the final touches
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Gumroad - Military Radio Tutorial - Complete Edition
Gumroad - Military Radio Tutorial - Complete Edition | 27.8 GB
Duration 28h Project Files Included MP4

Are you thinking about a career as a 3D artist in the video game industry? Do you want to become a faster and more efficient modeler and learn the latest techniques in 3d modeling, texturing and game art? This tutorial will help you understand and apply all aspects of creating high-quality PBR game assets!
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Gumroad - Darek Zabrocki - First Sun
Title: Gumroad - Darek Zabrocki - First Sun
Duration 4h Project Files Included MP4
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Gumroad - The Pushing Points Topology Workbook
Gumroad - The Pushing Points Topology Workbook by William Vaughan | 170 MB
Tutorial by William Vaughan (Gumroad)

The Pushing Points Topology Workbook is a 125-page software agnostic guide that teaches you the foundation of SubD topology.
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